What We Do



ParkAir Vision provides an affordable full-service aerial photography and cinematography solution to a 

previously solution-less environment. Utilizing a proven airframe, the ultra-flexible Beech A36 Bonanza,

in conjunction with a proprietary multi-axis gyro-stabilized, 6K RAW cinema-quality system, ParkAir Vision 

brings to all generes of aviation, air-to-air film capabilities to previeously unavailable generas.


ParkAir Vision fills a void where other aerial cinema platforms like helicopters are too slow, and jets

are too fast and too costly. Our option nicely fits the performace of anything from light single-engine aircraft 

to light jets, and fits the budgets of most.


ParkAir Vision is available for full production coordination or simply a one-off shoot.  Contact us to learn

more and discuss your project.